Review: Lie to Me

Lie to Me
Lie to Me by J.T. Ellison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Thank you to the author, J.T. Ellison, MIRA/Harlequin, and NetGalley for an advanced reader copy of Lie to Me. I rated this book 5+ stars.

If you love mysteries and psychological thrillers, Lie to Me is the book for you. Lie to Me has been touted as the next “Gone Girl,” and that it certainly is. It’s not as chilling as Gone Girl, but it is a page turner that will keep you guessing right until the very end!

Sutton and Ethan have everything, or so it seems. They have the perfect marriage, the most beautiful renovated Victorian house, and successful writing careers that are the envy of every author. Under the surface, however, their lives are anything but perfect.

The author takes us beyond the veneer of Sutton and Ethan’s extravagant life, exposing their selfishness and narcissism. Sutton is not only an amazing writer but a beautiful woman who is the envy of men and women alike. She is cold, calculating, and uses people to fulfill her needs. Ethan is equal parts handsome and eloquent; he is smart, witty, and a playboy. He ignores Sutton’s needs, and Sutton ignores his. Instead, they both privilege their own needs and feelings. Their past year has been absolutely miserable, marked by affairs, misdeeds, and, sadly, the loss of their one and only child due to what appears to be SIDS.

When Sutton goes missing, Ethan becomes a suspect. Ethan and Sutton’s troubled lives are exposed to the press, and soon Ethan begins to question if he ever truly knew Sutton at all.

I loved the twists and turns of this novel. The plot was cleverly and thoughtfully imagined by Ellison, and the characters, as insufferable as they were, were entertaining and multi-dimensional. The only minor complaint I have is that the ending seemed too tidy, especially for two characters whose lives were dragged through the mud in a very public fashion. Otherwise, this is an excellent read that any fan of psychological thrillers NEEDS to read!

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