Review: Dark Matter

**5 Goodreads Stars**

I was late to the party with this book, as it was published last year with much acclaim. Given the book’s hype, I had high expectations of Dark Matter. I love sci-fi, but I don’t consider myself an experienced reader of the genre. I’ve read many of the classics, but again, it isn’t the first genre I read after a long day at work.

Dark Matter was a really adventurous read, one that made me connect to the main character, Jason. The book opens with Jason enjoying his life as a physics professor at a lower-tier teaching university and family man as a father to his son, Charlie, and husband to his adoring wife, Daniela. Daniela and Jason have both settled into their family-oriented lives, and in the process have given up many of their professional ambitions. They are a happy family unit, however, and neither Daniela nor Jason could imagine abandoning what they have for their careers.

Many of us have often wondered what life would look like if we had chosen a different path, whether that means pursuing a different profession, rekindling a relationship, or putting more energy towards one’s profession. Dark Matter explores this concept in depth. Are we the same person if we take a different path in life? Is who we are as a person and individual defined by a series of choices we make, or are our personalities and range of choices predetermined at birth?

This is one of those books that could really work well on a screen. It draws upon many familiar sci-fi tropes while still managing to carve out an entirely unique plot and set of characters. Definitely one of my favorite reads of 2017!


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