Review: Autonomous

**A Tentative 5++ Goodreads Stars**

I was so thrilled to receive what I initially thought was an entire advanced reader copy of Annalee Newitz’s Autonomous, and as I started flying through it at lightning speed I quickly realized it was actually 5 chapters of the book (an excerpt). Thus, I won’t give a full review of the book until I’ve actually read the entire thing, but the 5 chapters I was given comprised of a book I would purchase in a heartbeat. Now I am eagerly (read: counting down the days until this book is published!!) awaiting the release of Autonomous because I could not put it down.

If Star Wars has been written by someone who cared about a society where intelligence mattered more than what’s between one’s legs, Autonomous is what it would look like. It is a fast-paced adventure that channels the best of sci-fi while coming up with an entirely new world, one is believable, smart, and imaginative.

The book’s author is editor in chief of i09, so she knows science and is able to incorporate her knowledge into the book without bogging the reader down with its intricacies. Better yet, Newitz is a brilliant storyteller, which is what makes the science come alive. You care about both the humans in the story (who make questionable choices in the name of both radicalism and profiteering) as well as the bots who are pursuing Jack, the lead character, who may have inadvertently created a dangerous, addictive drug destroying human society.

I’ll provide a full review once I get through the entire book, but you can bet that I will be done with it the day it is released!


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