New Series: What My Kids Are Reading

You are probably not surprised to learn that both of my children are also big on reading. I have a son who just turned 6, and a daughter who will turn 8 this week. Both of them asked for lots of books for their birthdays. We have a ritual of family reading time each night, and try to reserve about one hour for it each evening.

How do we support our family book habit? We are super users of our local public libraries, which helps reduce our book costs. Family members also chip in and buy books for holiday. I also love Scholastic’s book program in my children’s schools, which help support classroom book purchases.

Since we are avid readers, I wanted to start featuring some of their favorite books for readers with kiddos.

My Almost 8 Year Old Daughter is really interested in Megan McDonald’s Judy Moody series this summer. She is also loving McDonald’s Stink series since Stink is Judy Moody’s brother. My daughter says she likes Judy Moody because she always gets in trouble due to her little brother, which my daughter can relate to as a big sister to her 23 months younger brother!

My Just Turned 6 Year Old Son has been obsessed with Captain Underpants for about a year. The movie came out this summer, which we have already seen twice. He also recently received a Kindle for kids (as did his sister) after a cross-country move, and was able to download a number of favorites using Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. This was the first time our children were able to use tablets/Kindles, but we felt comfortable knowing the content is restricted and our kids were intentionally seeking out books on them.

We are looking forward to sharing our favorites as a family with this series!


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