Review: Follow Me


**5++ Stars**

Another hit from Kathleen Barber! I really enjoyed her last book (Are You Sleeping), which focused on how social media can add complexities and nuances to our modern lives. Follow Me also looks at how people’s worlds have changed thanks to social media and how social media has made it so much easier for people to stalk and harass others.

Audrey, the lead character of the book, is beautiful, and, from everything one sees on her social media, successful. She has a new, exciting job helping create social media buzz and content for the hottest and edgiest new art installation at a hip museum in Washington, DC. From outward appearances, it looks like she has it all – the looks, the job, the friends, the boyfriend….but what is really going on behind the scenes?

The reality is that Audrey is self-serving and careless with her friendships and relationships. She sometimes sees friends and boyfriends as simply a backdrop in her Instagram-perfect life, taking advantage of people’s kindness and desire to be around her. Audrey is somewhat clueless about how the people in her life feel about her.

All of this is about to change when a stalker – possibly multiple stalkers – starts to follow Audrey’s every move. Who is this person – or people – following her? What do they want from her? Perhaps the most dangerous people in Audrey’s life are those who are the closest to her.</b>

What I loved about this book is how the tension builds page by page. This was truly a classic mystery with a modern social media twist.

If you enjoy Riley Sager or even classic Agatha Christie novels, Barber is definitely your cup of tea! I read this SO quickly, which is kind of a bummer because now I have to wait for another new Barber book to come out!

Thanks to Kathleen Barber, Gallery/Pocket Books, and NetGalley for an advance reader copy of Follow Me.